Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus är en icke vinstdrivande stiftelse som driver ett kreativt kulturhus för barn och deras vuxna. Här kan nyfikna barn leka, busa, klättra och upptäcka i ett hus fullt med finurliga saker. Dagliga programpunkter erbjuds inom t ex barnteater, gestaltning, läsning, matte och NO. På Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus finns höghuset som Alfons bor i, hans vardagsrum, läskiga monstret, helikoptern och förstås Milla, Mållgan, farmor och mycket mer. De vuxna kan slå sig ner i läshörnan, ta en kopp kaffe och en bulle, surfa fritt på vårt Wi-Fi eller låtsas vara Alfons pappa eller farmor. På vägen hem kan man köpa med sig något roligt från butiken.

Av plats- och säkerhetsskäl är det inte tillåtet att ta in sin barnvagn i huset. Om du glömt barnvagnslås går det bra att hyra av oss. Baby Björns bärselar finns till utlåning. Vi har öppet varje dag 10 – 16 förutom vissa helgdagar. Håll utkik efter aktuellt program här på hemsidan.



Children up to 1 yearsSEK 0
Children 1–16 yearsSEK 85
Adults (from 17 years)SEK 125
Group ticket
(2 adults, 2 children)
SEK 380
Group ticket
(when more than 4 persons)
SEK 75/pers
Group ticket
(when more than 4 persons)
SEK 115/pers
Annual pass childSEK 285
Annual pass adultSEK 375
Annual pass senior
(from 65 years)
SEK 285
Imaginary friendsSEK 0
School (children in group, teachers and
accompanying parents)
SEK 45/pers
Discount card adult (5 visits)SEK 575

Malcolm’s (Mållgan’s) Café

Malcolm’s (Mållgan’s) Café

When you’ve been playing a lot you can get a bit hungry or you might fancy a bun. At Malcolm’s Café there are lots of lovely things to eat for all ages. When the weather’s nice, you can have your snack out on the terrace by the canal. And when it’s cold you can sit inside and keep cosy.



Do you want to know what’s on our menye please check it out here. If you have questions about special diet or ingrediens please give us a call 0n 031-15 42 80.

Gift Shop


Daddy Atkins’ (Pappa Åberg’s) Gift Shop

In Daddy Atkins’ Gift Shop you can buy fun Alfie Atkins’ things and books to take home with you, or give to someone you like as a present.



Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre wants ALL children to have access to Alfie Atkins’ world. With colourful theatre productions and programme activities, the Centre is making it possible for disabled children to take part in at least half of all its programme activities. The activities are being adapted to encourage interaction and exchange between children with and without disabilities. By sharing activities and interests, the children will be helped to see beyond personal disabilities.

A lift in the building provides access to both the upper and lower floor, and of course there are also disabled toilets. There is a TV on the upper floor which shows Alfie Atkins DVDs with sign language. An audio induction loop has been installed in the theatre, and some performances are given with speech and signing.

To see the building layout and where the café is located, download our picture charts from Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre and Mållgans Kafé.

To find out more about our activities and access routes to the building, go to



Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre is carrying out a new project to make its activities more accessible to disabled children. The project is being conducted in 2014 with funding from the Swedish Postcode Lottery.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery donated SEK 1.07 million to the Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre to support innovative initiatives for children in the Gothenburg region. These funds are being used to make the Centre’s programme activities more accessible to disabled children.

“The aim is to allow more children to participate in our activities and to spread joy, knowledge and awareness to small children, their parents, other adults and our staff members,” says Carina Kloek-Motin, CEO, Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre.


Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre collaborates with Swedish Cooperative Body of Organisations of Disabled People (Handikappföreningarnas samarbetsorgan, HSO), an umbrella organisation for 40 disabled associations in the Gothenburg region. With the help of the organisation’s knowledge and networks, the Centre is developing its activities to make them accessible to all its visitors. The Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre aims to be a place where all children can meet to share fun and learning, regardless of disabilities.


The aims of the project are to make culture more accessible to disabled children, and to encourage interaction between children with and without disabilities through play and learning.

During the past year, Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre in Gothenburg has collaborated with the Swedish Cooperative Body of Organisations of Disabled People to make the Centre’s activities more accessible to disabled children. In collaboration with the Cultural Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery and the Swedish Cooperative Body of Organisations of Disabled People in Gothenburg, Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre has made its programme activities more accessible to children with impaired hearing or difficulty interpreting, processing or communicating information.

Why did you carry out this initiative?
“We want disabled children to be able to participate in our activities on the same terms as other children,” says Charlotte Dahlborg Oskarsson, Project Coordinator, Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre. “To achieve this, we have modified our activities in terms of content, duration, sound, lighting etc. The programme activities that work best are pantomimes and activities with sign language.”

How did you go about it?
“At the start of the project, the staff did a training course to learn more about what it is like living with disabilities. After that, we held workshops where test groups of children and parents tried out the programme activities and gave their feedback. Because of the size and composition of the test groups, this gave us the relevant information that we needed,” says Henrik Ehrlington, HSO Gothenburg.

Fact box
• The staff did a training course at the beginning of the project.
• The actors learned sign language.
• Films with sign language are available along with Alfie Atkins postcards.
• An audio induction loop has been installed in the theatre.
• Picture charts are available on the Centre’s website to aid communication and understanding.
• A film has been published on the website entitled ”Lek och lär på Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus” (Play and Learn at Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre).
• Comfort Audio loaned hearing aids to the Centre to help hearing impaired children listen to stories etc.
• On 19 November, the project results were presented at an event which included a theatre performance, singing with sign language and refreshments for all the children.

A big thank you to Comfort Audio for lending us hearing aids for children who need them.
Comfort Audio