How is the Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural Center) operated?

Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre)  is a non-profit foundation. The board works ideally and consists of representatives from the City of Gothenburg, the business community and the Bergström family.  The Cultural Centre contribute to children’s development through play and learning. Our vision is to be a leading children’s culture center where ALL children feel attached. Operations are run without profit.

What age-group is Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre) most suitable for?

– Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre) is suitable for all children and adults, but is particularly appropriate for the very young up to age 8.

Can I bring a pushchair?

– We have a sheltered space where you can put your pushchair. Unfortunately you can’t bring pushchairs into the building for safety reasons and due to a lack of space. If you’d like to borrow a pushchair lock you can rent one for SEK 10.

Can we bring a packed lunch to Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre)?

– Unfortunately we don’t have anywhere for you to eat a packed lunch. But our restaurant has snacks and light meals. If you want to bring a packed lunch you can eat it in the park, and of course it’s fine for you to come back in again afterwards.

How often do you organise programme activities?

– We arrange three to four activities every day. Have a look at alfonskulturhus.com to find out what’s on for a particular day or about the activities for the week.

Can wheelchair users visit Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre)?

– Yes, that’s no problem. There is a lift so you can visit the two floors, and of course we have toilets for disabled visitors. At In autumn 2013, we’ll be on the accessibility database Tourism for All (Turism för alla).

Is there a discount for pensioners?

-We offer discount for pensioners when buying an annual card. Are you a member of Smart Senior you will have 25 kr in discount for a dayticket (ordinary 125 SEK)

Is entry free for cultural ombudsmen, respite carers, companions and personal assistants?

– Yes, entry is free at Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre) if you are one of the above.

Can I shop in Daddy Atkins’ gift shop without buying an entry ticket?

– Yes, you can visit the gift shop without buying a ticket, but do let our staff know to avoid any misunderstanding.

Can I visit the café without buying a ticket?

-Yes, two adults without children is fine. We’re a bit short on space in our café at the moment so our visiting guests have priority.

Is it difficult to find your way around?

– Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre) is a listed building on two floors. The ground floor houses the ticket office, gift shop, café and Alfie Atkins’ block of flats, sitting room and theatre. On the first floor there’s a kitchenette, obstacle course, story corner and exhibition about the author, as well as a few other fun things. Feel free to ask our staff, who will be pleased to help and answer any questions.

Does it cost anything to use a locker for clothes and valuables?

– Yes, it costs SEK 10 per locker if you want to lock your clothes and valuables away. We also have hangers you can use for free.


When/where are the theatre performances?

– You’ll find the theatre on the ground floor at the back of the building. Check our website for performance times.

How are the theatre performances organised?

– Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre) puts on two theatre performances every day. If you want to be certain of getting a seat for the performances it’s a good idea to come 5-10 minutes before the show starts. The performances last for about 15 minutes, which is usually the longest that children are willing to sit still!

Had a fantastic day and thinking of coming again?

– We sell annual tickets that give you free entry for a whole year, both for children and adults. Naturally, the price also includes all the programme activities during the year.


What are the benefits of buying an annual card?

The annual card will start on the day you start using it and 12 months ahead. If you know you will go often this is the card for you. The annual card is valid for children from 1 year old, adult from 18 years old and seniors from 65 years.

7 advantages of annual card

• Pay on the third visit
• Unlimited number of visits during one year
• All 1400 program activities are included
• Over 700 theater performances
• 10% discount at Mållgans Café *
• 10% discount in Papa Åberg’s gift shop *
• Special activities with special invitation

* Discount does not apply when purchasing annual tickets, day tickets and gift cards

Are the annual cards personal?

-Yes, our annual cards are personal

Where are the toilets?

– There are two toilets on the ground floor, one of which is equipped with a changing table. There are another two toilets between floors, as well as toilets with a changing table on the first floor.

Can we leave Kulturhuset (the Cultural Centre) and come back later in the day?

– It’s fine for you to go out for some fresh air or have a picnic in the park. Just show your receipt at the counter when you come back. If, for some reason, the centre is full, you’ll have to wait a while and come back a bit later on.

Do we have to take our shoes off?

– Yes, we’d really like all children to take their shoes off so that the children’s play surfaces don’t get spoiled by sand and gravel. Adults can keep their shoes on as long as it’s not too muddy out.



– We have a first-aid box in reception for minor injuries. Ask one of our members of staff and they’ll help you.


-If, in the midst of all the play you should feel an inexplicable desire to go online while you’re at Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre), you can access our free wireless internet.

Can I book a school/nursery visit and how do I go about it?

– Yes, that’s no problem at all. Visit our website under the ‘Schools/Nurseries’ tab and complete our online booking form. We will confirm your booking as soon as we can.

Can I pay the same price as schools do if I’m a municipal/private childminder?

– Yes, that’s no problem. Visit our website under the ‘Schools/Nurseries’ tab and complete our online booking form. We will confirm your booking as soon as we can.

Can I bring a guide dog to Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus?

-Only trained and marked guide dogs in service are welcome. Other animals are not allowed.


Can I pay with cash?

-From March 1st,  2018 Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural house) will be cash free.
Better for the environment, security,  fast and easy.


What does Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre) have for sickness rules?

-All children get sick sometimes and then it is important to stay at home. It is you as a parent who is responsible for the health of your child and not exposing others to infection.

It is the children’s needs and general condition that determines whether the child should be at home. In case of fever, severe cough, sore throat, stomach flu, swine fever, chickenpox, eye infections, etc., the same rules apply to us as in the preschool of the children.

If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact your childcare center, healthcare provider or healthcare provider.