Help us promote children’s culture – buy Alfie’s Friends’ tickets.

By buying Friends’ tickets to Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre, you give a group of children free entry and the opportunity to take part in daily program activities such as theatre, reading aloud, Alfie’s maths or learning about insects’ daily habits. While giving the children a fun and stimulating day, you support our organisation and help promote children’s development through play and cultural activities.

A place for all children.

Alfie Atkins is a character that represents joy, humanity, curiosity and resourcefulness. This is also what characterises the work of Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre. The centre is packed with activities focusing on children and their development. Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus AB (Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre Ltd) was established by a foundation and is a non-profit organisation.

For the children who need it most.

We make sure that the tickets primarily go to the children who need them the most. They could be children with special needs or who have difficulties of some sort. The tickets might also go to school or preschool classes who would otherwise not have been able to visit us. If you like, you can choose who will get your Friends’ tickets. To do this, enter the recipient below. We will invoice you when we receive the form. You can also choose to make a free donation to our Bank giro account. Thank you!

Friends’ tickets.