We are here. Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre is located at Slussgatan 1, in the old seed shop by The Garden Society entrance facing Drottningtorget Square in Göteborg.

Telephone: 031-15 42 80 E-mail: info@alfonskulturhus.com

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Since March 1 this year we have become cash-free and only accept cards. Better for the environment, security, fast and easy.

If you want to get in touch with any of us at Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus, please feel free to send us an email!

From the left: Lisa, Tina, Anna, Anette och Henrik

*Anna Forsgren, VD, anna.forsgren@alfonskulturhus.com, 031-15 42 82
*Lisa Ödman, Marketing, lisa.odman@alfonskulturhus.com, 031-15 42 85
*Tina Phipps, Program, tina.phipps@alfonskulturhus.com, 031-15 42 83
*Anette Fagberg, Gift shop/Café, anette.fagberg@alfonskulturhus.com, 031-15 42 81
*Henrik Åkerblom, Operation, henrik.akerblom@alfonskulturhus.com, 031-15 42 87

Do you have general questions and questions about school visits, please call 031-15 42 80!
Your booking of school visits can be done on our website under the school / preschool tab.