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Daily theatre performances and spooky storytelling during the autumn school break

Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre will be awash with spine-chilling stories through the autumn school break.

Ghosts, bats and spiders will move into Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre during the autumn break. There’ll be even more fun, thrills and excitement than usual, and of course you’ll meet Alfie every day in scary theatre performances and story sessions.

At the Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre, everyone is welcome to take part in activities that are included in the entrance fee. You need to book a time slot, even if you already have an annual pass or pre-purchased ticket and you buy and book your tickets and seats in the ticketshop.

Reading aloud, theatre performances, creative workshops, discodance e.t.c. are on the schedule. The Centre in Gothenburg is full of activities related to culture, children’s development and rights.

Apart from being fun, these events highlight the importance of reading aloud and tie in with the “Reading Holiday” project organised by the Reading Movement (Läsrörelsen) and “The City Where We Read to Our Children”, an initiative by the City of Gothenburg. All children deserve a good start in life and learning to read is one of the keys. Reading aloud to children boosts their ability to read, and it’s never too early to start.

Take the opportunity to visit Gunilla Bergström’s studio

En bild som visar en trappa och till höger om trappan ett foto på Gunilla Bergström. Till vänster på väggen ser man små Alfons statyer av lera. Trappan leder in till utställningen.

Gunilla Bergström (1972-2021) is the illustrator and author behind the stories about Alfie Atkins, who is now a classic character for millions of children all around the world.

The exhibition is made up of original objects from Gunilla Bergström’s studio, working materials, sketches and objects that give an insight into her artistry.

The collaboration behind the exhibition

En bild som visar ett skrivbord, en blå pinnstol, en vit bokylla och en del av en roströd kappa.

“G as in Gunilla” has been made possible through a collaboration between Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus,
Barnutställningen AB and Bok-Makaren AB, with the support of the Culture Council.
– Gunilla had so much energy. The whole studio was characterized by this energy, curiosity, humor andcreative joy that we hope will spread to both children and adults who visit the house, says Sofia Torell, Bok-Makaren AB and niece of Gunilla Bergström.